Sunday, January 29, 2006

We Ask Them Again...What Noble Cause?

Not one neoRepublican can answer a straight question with a truthful answer...not even to save their own country.

This morning on Thom Hartman (Air America) some fool named Chuck Morse, announced he is a Republican running in Massachusetts against Barney Franks-a Democrat. Prissy will not give Morse too much time- except to say he is exactly like the rest of them.

Did you see that several states already have legislation in action to overturn Roe.V.Wade, in their own state? Ohio is one of them-Mike DeWine would be the Senator leading the charge here.

Prissy looks forward to seeing Hackett take Dewine to the mat. DeWine shows he knows nothing about life with his view. Take care of the ones already here-get out of your ivory tower for a while, Senator. Walk through the prisons, like Prissy has.

See what becomes of the unwanted-begated by the unwanted. What an elitist like DeWine does not comprehend, is that to some people, pregnancy and childbirth are simply biological functions. Something that happens.

These are people who live day to day. These folks do not plan for their retirement, much to the puzzlement of ones like DeWine who live in neoRepublican fantasy land...DeWine really needs to take a good look at Republicans numbers. From the real polls.

DeWine clearly despises women and children or he would not want to enact laws to force more suffering upon them. He will want to outlaw birth control next...he is subtly forcing us all to be practicing Catholics. What a wacko... someone needs to tell him the majority of us believe in a separation of church and state.

Remember-this is the guy who wants to forbid women in Africa from having access to birth control that could literally save their lives with the prevalence of AIDS and keep them alive to raise the children already born. Adding to the suffering of others- that is not love for your fellow human-beings.

Apparently they enjoy adding to others suffering. They repackage it and call it "compassionate conservatism". Prissy thinks it is more like "passive-aggressive."

Hackett, on the other hand-lives in the real world. Not fantasy land. Prissy prefers politicians grounded in reality. She is sure she isn't the only one.

Hot Links

Counterpunch- Fitzgerald Probes Niger Forgeries January 26, 2006 By JASON LEOPOLD" target="_blank">

The State Department officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because some of the information they discussed is still classified, indicated that the White House had substantial motive for revealing undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity to reporters.

They said the questions Fitzgerald asked them about the Niger documents suggested to them that the special prosecutor was putting together a timeline. They said they believe Fitzgerald wants to show the grand jury how some people in the Bush administration may have conspired to retaliate against former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, an outspoken critic of the administration's pre-war Iraq intelligence.

The officials said Fitzgerald's interest is not in the the war's validity. Instead, Fitzgerald is trying to find out if Wilson's public questions about the administration's intelligence and its use of the Niger documents led members of a little known committee called the White House Iraq Group to leak Plame's name and CIA status to reporters.

MSNBC - It is about time. What finally forced "American officials" to face reality and stop thinking it was up to the military to negotiate foreign policy with insurgents? Exclusive: Direct Talks -—U.S. Officials and Iraqi Insurgents Newsweek Feb. 6, 2006 issue

American officials in Iraq are in face-to-face talks with high-level Iraqi Sunni insurgents, NEWSWEEK has learned. Americans are sitting down with "senior members of the leadership" of the Iraqi insurgency, according to Americans and Iraqis with knowledge of the talks (who did not want to be identified when discussing a sensitive and ongoing matter).

From the New Zealand Inquiry Into Bush War Crimes to Release Findings 27 January 2006 Commission of Inquiry Into Bush War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity to Release Preliminary Findings WHERE: National Press Club, Washington, DC WHEN: Feb. 2, 12 Noon INFORMATION:

* Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, testified: "What passes for intelligence is nothing more than politically motivated propaganda...There was no intelligence failure because the policy wasn't disarmament; it was regime change."

* Craig Murray, ex-UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan: "There was no form of torture so extreme that the CIA would refuse the results of that torture....You can't build security on evil. I don't believe torture works, but even it if did work, I'd rather die than have anyone tortured to save my life."

* Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski (Ret.): "When [General Geoffrey] Miller arrived at Abu Ghraib, he said, 'It's my opinion that you're treating the prisoners too well....You have to treat the prisoners like dogs... Rumsfeld...authorized sleep deprivation, stress positions, meal disruptions, serving meals late, not serving a meal, leaving the lights on, playing loud music, issuing criticism of their religions."

* Dr. Alan Berkman, Prof. of Public Health, Columbia University: "[Bush's] ideologically driven prevention agenda has in fact accounted for millions of deaths in the five years since he took power."

* Daphne Wysham, of the Institute for Policy Studies: "The Bush White House is deliberately targeting information policy-makers have on climate change in an effort to protect some of the most powerful industries on the planet, namely the oil, gas, and coal industries."

* Hurricane Katrina Victim Larry McBride testified that he and other prisoners in a New Orleans jail were left to die during Hurricane Katrina, and were then beaten and denied food and water by the National Guard when they fled to higher ground.

From The Hill Historically, indictments tough to overcome January 25, 2006

While the Congressional Research Service does not keep a tally of all members of Congress ever indicted, anecdotal evidence suggests that the vast majority of indicted members either step down or lose at the polls, a CRS official said.

"It's usually a killer for your political career to be indicted," said the official, who declined to speak openly because of the ongoing, Abramoff-related investigations. "If a member's under indictment and stands for reelection " it really casts such a pall over them.

Speaking of criminals, Flashback from The Hill-July 13, 2005: Abramoff duo quits U.S. By Josephine Hearn

Two former associates of Jack Abramoff, the embattled lobbyist, left the country Monday night en route to a new life in Israel. The relocation comes as a Justice Department taskforce presses forward with an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing stemming from Abramoff'’s business dealings.

Sam Hook and his wife Shana Tesler both worked with Abramoff at the law firm, Greenberg Traurig. Hook served as the registered agent for Grassroots Interactive, a lobbying venture tied to Abramoff that has reportedly been subpoenaed by the Justice Department taskforce.

Tesler, a lawyer, worked with Abramoff at Greenberg Traurig and then followed him to the lobbying firm, Cassidy & Associates, after he was ousted from Greenberg following news reports of his questionable dealings with Indian gaming tribes.

All the reasons you need to call your Senator and Veto Alito... The Yale Report on Alito: Alito's Opinions Monday, December 19, 2005 (Full report on site in pdf)

This report puts special focus on the opinions that most clearly suggest how Judge Alito might discharge the duties of his office if he is confirmed as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Judge Alito himself graduated from Yale Law in 1975. The report summarizes its conclusions as follows:

Reproductive Rights: In one dissent, Judge Alito would have upheld a Pennsylvania law requiring a wife to notify her husband before having an abortion. The Supreme Court rejected his reasoning, finding that the law imposed an undue burden on the wife.

Procedural Fairness: When given latitude in cases involving individuals'’ procedural rights, Judge Alito consistently has decided to limit access to courts, at times leaving litigants with fewer procedural options. He has construed narrowly the constitutional requirements that individuals receive notice and an opportunity to be heard before being deprived of their rights. He has strictly interpreted standing requirements and has limited causes of action. He also has been reluctant to review the actions of executive branch officials, making it more difficult for individuals to hold the government accountable for its actions. There is also evidence that Judge Alito gives some groups of litigants more leeway than others to pursue their claims.

Free Speech: Although Judge Alito has supported the free speech claims of business interests, government agents, and student groups, and has protected the press against libel claims, he has refused to extend this support to the claims of prisoners seeking access to newspapers and photographs of their families.

Find and Contact them here: Click to enlargeFrom Cafepress

The Dubya Report Interview with the hand picked for the job, General Hayden. He apparently thinks little of Democracy too...

QUESTION: ...[M]y understanding is that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution specifies that you must have probable cause to be able to do a search that does not violate an American's right against unlawful searches and seizures. Do you use --

GEN. HAYDEN: No, actually -- the Fourth Amendment actually protects all of us against unreasonable search and seizure.

QUESTION: But the --

GEN. HAYDEN: That's what it says.

QUESTION: But the measure is probable cause, I believe.

GEN. HAYDEN: The amendment says unreasonable search and seizure.

QUESTION: But does it not say probable --


-- Knight-Ridder reporter Jonathan Landay questioning former NSA director General Michael Hayden at the National Press Club, January 23, 2006

Text of the Fourth Amendment: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Newsweek via RAW Story Newsweek: Bush appointees revolted over executive branch 'overreach' January 29, 2006

They were loyal conservatives, and Bush appointees. They fought a quiet battle to rein in the president's power in the war on terror. And they paid a price for it. A NEWSWEEK investigation.

Part Two of NSA Whisteblower Series- NSA Whistleblowers Were Allegedly Isolated, Intimidated By Sherrie Gossett January 26, 2006

Whistleblowers who have stepped forward to accuse the National Security Agency of retaliating against them by falsely labeling them "paranoid," "delusional," or "psychotic," cover a range of political views. Russell D. Tice, a self-described conservative, believes President Bush should be impeached over the current controversy involving the NSA's domestic surveillance program. Another whistleblower, Diane Ring, is a staunch Bush supporter who supports the surveillance program.

From The Texas Observer Impeach or Indict Bush and Cheney by Ronnie Dugger

As we in Texas bear guilt for this we have also begun to join the resistance and revolt against it, starting with Cindy Sheehan'’s brigades in Crawford. By happy accident the Texas trip-root that now threatens to help bring the Bush presidency crashing down, crushing itself under its own arrogance, hubris, and criminality, is a law against corporate money in Texas elections that was passed a century ago in the state'’s populist afterglow. To uphold that law, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle has braved ruthless contumely, as he had done often before in order to prosecute public officials he believed had violated the laws. While it is merely seemly to await the outcome of the trial of DeLay and his co-defendants on the charges that they laundered corporate money through Washington to elect Republicans to the House from Texas, in a speech in September Earle declared what he believes his prosecution is all about. "Corporate money in politics"” has become "“the fight of our generation of Americans....It is our job" —our fight" —to rescue democracy from the money that has captured it," he said. "The issue that we'’re faced with is the role of large concentrations of money in democracy, whether it's individuals or corporations, the issue is the same."”

Pittsburg Post-Gazette Santorum denies ties to 'K Street Project' January 26, 2006

Since he became the Senate's third-ranking Republican in 2001, Mr. Santorum has held weekly meetings with top Republican lobbyists at which he discusses, among other matters, job openings at Washington lobbying firms.

But, in interviews with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he has said those discussions -- which he previously referred to as "the K Street meetings" -- are merely to ensure Republicans are putting forward good candidates for the jobs.

Mr. Santorum flatly denied yesterday that the meetings were an integral part of the "K Street Project."

Though publications such as The Washington Post, Roll Call and Washington Monthly have all reported that Mr. Santorum's meetings were a central part of Mr. Norquist's "K Street Project" strategy, Mr. Santorum said yesterday that his meetings were a separate initiative.

Smooth, Ricky, real smooth...

Watch out Feinstein, Cindy is a well spoken, intelligent woman. And much like she taught her children, she tells the truth and encourages others to do the same. The mainstream media and right wing nuts have always gone out of their way to make her look bad. She doesn't own the media...

Prissy has met Cindy and knows better, now you do to... Go Cindy!\Politics\archive\200601\POL20060127d.html Sheehan to Feinstein: Filibuster Alito, Or I'll Run Against You

"I'm appalled that Diane Feinstein wouldn't recognize how dangerous Alito's nomination is to upholding the values of our constitution and restricting the usurpation of presidential powers, for which I've already paid the ultimate price," Sheehan said in a statement.

Quotes of the Day

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. ~Henry David Thoreau

Laws are partly formed for the sake of good men, in order to instruct them how they may live on friendly terms with one another, and partly for the sake of those who refuse to be instructed, whose spirit cannot be subdued, or softened, or hindered from plunging into evil. ~Plato

Why neoRepublicans cannot be considered honest...An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens. ~Thomas Jefferson

Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life: if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has regulated it cannot be a bad one.~Thomas Jefferson

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five. ~Groucho Marx

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