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This is How We Do It

Small UPDATE: Larry Franklin has recieved 12 years in prison for passing classified information to Israel. From Washington Report- July 2005-The FBI arrested Pentagon Iranian analyst Larry Franklin on May 4 2005, for illegally disclosing highly classified information about possible attacks on American forces in Iraq to Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Israel's principal lobby in the United States. Rosen was AIPA'Cs director of foreign policy issues and Weissman was its senior Middle East analyst until they were recently fired when the FBI investigation got too close for AIPAC's comfort. Franklin, 58, a reserve colonel in the Air Force, was released on $100,000 bond (and later pled guilty)..For more details, google him on this blog. Prissy has lot's of articles...

No scream, pure Dean. Now Prissy remembers why Dean is the first politician she has EVER given a dime, let alone $10.

I liked his logical reasoning against the war and still do. Dean is an intelligent centurist and humanitarian-thoughts which come before politics. That is good.

Remember his out of nowhere "I want to be President"- and his common sense talking bid which grabbed the internet by storm? He raised a ton of cash- $10 at a time.

As a scholar of publicly available prewar Iraq intel, Prissy found Governor Dean's Ten Reasons Against the War to be dead on. Not bad for a Doctor with no prior intel investigation experience! What Dean said would happened has, much to his and mine regret- did happen. Prissy and Dr. Dean concurred it was not a happy event to be so correct about.

A war so unnecessary...Smart people like the Doctor would not have committed such a deadly folly. Blame it on bad press, Dean is no left wing nut. He is a reasonable, deliberate thoughtful man.

America is really silly and trivial to have done Dean in for president or any other position in politics over "the scream." The press once again appeared to help Dubya's cause, instead of democracy. The folks there have told Prissy shortly after it occurred that the crowd was so loud, you could barely hear him. But not to hear the media tell it.

The good doctor has the energy and stamina required to help the DNC attain its proper goals and espouse its rightful platform- not be a neoRepublican-lite Party. We the people are tired of this crap. Prissy says this as a genuine Independent...Gee, you don't see her blogging their events, now do you?

That's because Prissy refuses to be put through the shake-down, just to see We the People's employee or our employee wanna be.

Besides, I think the list Prissy is on with the neoRepublicans doesn't actually get invitations... No matter-Prissy got this one instead.

From the one and only Paul Hackett, Marine Major, attorney and Iraq War Veteran who ran against Jean Schmidt, the woman who rather favors a young Granny on Beverly Hillbillies. Mean Jean insinuated War Veteran , 37 year Marine and Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) was a coward for calling for a withdrawal/redeployment plan for Iraq.

Hackett is well loved the nation over.

While in Crawford, Texas at Camp Casey this past August, folks (military men, especially) from every state kept saying "How about that Hackett?" Lot's of out of staters sent him money-they understand how important Ohio is. Hackett stands for something and unlike the neoRepublican party, is unlikely to fall for their questionable ethics or cozy up with lobbyists. Everyone and no one owns you when your average campaign contribution is $52.50. He raised a million dollars! Only 3 or 4 contributions reached the maximum allowed.

Hackett will deliver a new concept alien to most long term politicians...Public service. Hackett is the kind of guy who gets things done. He isn't exaggerating when he says "Is Washington ready for a new kind of politician?" They had best get ready, generation X is coming their way...the Boomers have proved conservatism has failed this democracy.

Sherrod Brown did a really crass thing, thinking he too, wants to run against Hackett in the primary. Hackett decided to run because Brown said he wasn't going to. So step aside Sherrod, or run for something else.

Besides, most of us are tired of the dynasty families who continue to run Ohio, and in fact the country. Out with them all-Taft, DeWine, Clinton and Bush and the useless long term leach politicians. That doesn't mean we cannot or should not keep the experienced ones who have always looked out for the people. Hackett should be considered the new model for progressive Democrats.

Watch out D.C. Unlike the Kerry lame campaign (was Dubya spying on their strategy?) Hackett will have none of that.

Prissy predicts (with accountable voting machines) he will soundly defeat Senator Mike DeWine. The only time we hear from him is when he is blowing kisses to the fanatical right wingers in Dubya's cabinet...

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From Yahoo;_ylt=AqN8.8LEGDDkod22vhqcxGys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ-- Bin Laden Warns of Attacks, Offers Truce (Dead Guy Warns of Attack from the Grave-And Offers Truce-PP)

There was no immediate confirmation of the tape's authenticity, although the voice resembled that of bin Laden's in previous messages.

Alright then...

From Lexis/Nexis Enron Jury Won't Hear Tapes Of Company Traders by Kristen Hays Jan. 13, 2006

However, Lake ruled prosecutors can present some California-related evidence.

That includes prosecution testimony from former in-house Enron lawyer Richard Sanders regarding his June 2001 meeting with Skilling during which he informed the CEO about the California gaming strategies. Those strategies included making uncongested transmission lines seem congested with fraudulent schedules for energy so Enron could be paid to solve a problem that didn't exist.

Skilling faces 35 counts of conspiracy, fraud, insider trading and lying to auditors. Lay faces seven counts of fraud and conspiracy. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Not guilty? Only the rich can play that game, considering the mounds of evidence against these guys.

So sorry my Dearest Readers, Prissy is getting caught up on a few other projects and will return Sunday (unless we see some indictments!)

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