Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Republican Representatives; Are They Just Dubya's Gumby Set?

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Well, dearest Readers, Prissy must tell you...our group walked away with a feeling that the Republicans are considering responding to the public. Perhaps in a meaningful way which would indicate they are human; after all they have done to convince us they are Vulcan. Until very recently and regardless of how absurd, they have towed the Dubya line-no matter how easily ridiculed and disproved by facts.

Certainly that is progress...maybe they know Rove's story is about to come unraveled?

Wednesday, along with local members of Military Families Speak Out, held a small informative protest today at Intellirisk a Columbus area company. Intellirisk, besides being a collection agency, mines public data bases and puts together what Prissy calls dossier of private citizens. Intellirisk is appropriately located at the corner of Presidential Dr and Corporate Exchange...

We have heard they sell it to the government-since technically the government is not supposed to gather that kind of information on everyday Joes. Good one, huh? Prissy has read reliable reports which state an Intellirisk dossier file will link you to up to 20 people, relatives and friends that you may associate with.

However odd an issue that may be, our protest was about the supporting our troops by bringing them home. We planned to present Congressman Tiberi or his staff with a petition calling for a withdrawal from Iraq in 2006.

So why did we protest in front of Intellirisk, you say? Because the Congressman receiving our petition- signed by nearly 1,000 of his constituents in Ohio's 12th District-has his local office located in aprivate building.

Gee, who do you suppose pays the rent? This appears to be a new trend amongst Ohio neoRepublicans. Secretary and Gov wannbe African-American neoRepublican Kenneth Blackwell did the same thing to escape the public after ripping them off in the vote. Much easier to banish the troublesome peasants when the state doesn't own your office space. For now, it's the war. But we shall work on that sometime soon...very unAmerican, seems unconstitutional or it should be made so at the state level. For them to pull such a stunt for the obvious purpose to not answer for their performance as representatives is downright childish.

We could not protest in front of their building (a short planned 10 minutes-so folks would notice on their lunch hour) even though our public servant, Congressman Patrick Tiberi, holds his local office within that privately owned building. A building manager, (he was nice about it) said he couldn't stop us from protesting in near the street entrance-so we did. We aren't looking for trouble, only democracy.

Military Families Speak Out mothers with children in Iraq gave short speeches, letting folks know a little about their own thoughts regarding the war. These moms were well versed and could all put any politicians talking points to shame with their knowledge of the facts about this war.

While doing our small lunch time protest, passersby honked, waved and gave us the peace sign. It was time to take the petition into Tiberi's office. We made the decision to all go into together.This is a small portion of a central Ohio group of middle class, middle aged radicals who want the war to stop. They had lunch at Bob Evans later- a well known staging ground for democracy oriented think- tanks.

Tiberi's staff was certainly surprised to see all of us. Now they should always expect company when they refuse to properly represent their else will they know?

Mr. Bell was courteous and took the time to address our concerns. We were pleased with his sincerity and the fact that he did not attempt to give us the neoRepublican talking points. We want to make sure Mr. Tiberi and others thinking like him that we will no longer tolerate such utter insubordination to the American people and our troops.

We mean it. We will not allow politicians to step on the Constitution, claiming the ends justify the means. The ends mean death to civil rights and the gross misuse of our military. Free speech itself is in danger of being further curtailed. It is wrong and I allege illegal policies, contrary to democracy.

We also let them know it is well past time Congress give up the goods on the pre-war intelligence. The longer they stall, the more clear it is to Prissy to believe they are hiding not faulty intelligence, but false. They do not wish to be accountable.

It is inevitable they will be, as they have raised the ire of the American. Without public support, their political careers and their policies will not last. Conservatism has had full reign- and it's policies and projections failed miserably...a failure of calculations which cost thousands of lives.

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