Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Prissy Patriot Evening Special...Updated

Now that Prissy's own young relative is home safe and sound, Prissy may cut the cabal a little slack...but probably not much.

She spoke with too many soldiers who knew their time and talents given over there are all for naught. Prissy will be posting some of their pictures from Iraq later this the weekend.

Iraq is going to take a long, long time to rebuild. There are few buildings left untouched by this war. With no security, trash is piled as high and long as the eye can see. More than half do not have access to clean water. What a great way for disease to spread. Prissy is grateful our soldiers have the food and water they need, but the people of Iraq are suffering, with little relief in sight if the occupation continues.

The Chickenhawks running this show should hang their heads in shame.

Hot Links

Great site called Educate-Yourself-The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought Ben Chertoff: Propagandist & Illuminati Disinformation Tool- March 6, 2005-Original title: How The Bush Administration Uses Nepotism To Conceal Its Dark Secrets About 911 Exclusive to American Free Press

The Defense Department defines nepotism as the situation when relatives are in the same chain-of-command.

An egregious example of dictatorial-style nepotism occurred when George W. Bush won the White House - twice - thanks to the key "swing state" of Florida, where the presidential candidate's younger brother is governor. In 2000 and 2004, against all odds, Florida swung decisively, the Bush way.

The official canvass from the 2004 election in Florida, certified less than a fortnight after the election by three hand-picked lieutenants of Governor Jeb Bush, shows Republican Members of Congress winning, such as Tom Feeney, without congressional seats without even appearing on the ballot. In other races, a handful of candidates for the Florida state house won with 100 percent of the vote against write-in candidates who didn't even receive 1 vote.

With high federal offices being given to the wives, sons and daughters of senior members of the Bush administration, the Hearst Corporation executives that publish Popular Mechanics magazine probably didn't worry about the ethical considerations of hiring a cousin of Michael Chertoff, a former Assistant Attorney General and the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as senior researcher.

But the March 2005 issue of Popular Mechanics (PM) plumbs new depths of nepotism and Hearst-style "yellow journalism" with its cover story about 9/11. PM's senior researcher, 25-year-old Benjamin Chertoff, authored a propagandistic cover story entitled "Debunking 9/11 Lies" which seeks to discredit all independent 9/11 research that challenges the officialversion of events.

Blair Watch- Here is the page with documents, which Blair's government threatened papers with violation of the Official Secrets Act. As you can see, the people will not let their government continue to interfere with their freedom, nor will they tolerate being lied into a directly to document regarding intelligence information obtained by torture. As we know, illegally obtained evidence is not admissible anywhere in the American justice system. In Criminal Justice lingo, this is known as "the fruit of the poison tree doctrine"

That is a doctrine I am sure most neoRepublicans are not familiar with...,2144,1839453,00.html From Germany's DW World-Al Qaeda Responsible for Kidnap Says Freed Hostage Osthoff

It is unclear whether Germany paid a ransom for her release but many officials have noted the expense of the effort to free her, including the establishment of a round-the-clock crisis team operating at the foreign ministry.


Flashback-'s+WayCarlyle's Way Making a mint inside "the iron triangle" of defense, government and industry. December 11, 2001

Despite its VC troubles, however, the Carlyle Group's core business is set for some good times ahead. Though the group has raised eyebrows on Capitol Hill in the past, the firm's close ties with the current administration and its cozy relationship with several prominent Saudi government figures has the watchdogs howling. And it's those same connections that will keep Carlyle in the black for as long as the war against terrorism endures.

For the 11th-largest defense contractor in the United States, wartime is boom time. No one knows that better than the Carlyle Group, which less than a month after U.S. troops began bombing Afghanistan filed to take public its crown jewel of defense, United Defense, a company it has owned for nearly a decade. That this company is even able to go public is testament to the Carlyle Group's pull in Washington.

Hi Dubya! Prissy is here to say End the war... Dec 29, 2005.NEW YORK - Unbeknownst to the Bush administration, an outside contractor has been using Internet tracking technologies that may be prohibited to analyze usage and traffic patterns at the White House's Web site, an official said Thursday.

"Unbeknownst"- Oh, Come Now...

The information received via the phone call, was to inform the families that the base did not condone the site, nor the Army, and that it was not to be used; the gist was, families were not allowed to use the site, or they could get into "trouble". Some members reported their soldier calling from Iraq, telling them to be careful about using the site as the Army was monitoring it.

As Web Mistress of the site I needed to respond and qualify this information, as well as to educate this commanding officer as to the rights and liberties of a private web site, which I did. I was told I would have to let a commanding officer on the site to monitor the messages; I did allow this, but I also informed the officer that this was a courtesy, as there is no such law, or right of the military to monitor, shut down or exclude our web site.

We were a group of 77 families from all over the country, at the time of the call. Every single family was phoned and told not to use the site; and I believe some 150 other families were phoned as well, as it was an official order from a commanding officer.

I have waited to speak of this situation, until my son was home safe and sound and also after his transfer to another base. Yes, I was afraid of repercussions that could have harmed him, one way or another. I called my local senators office, 4 months ago, following up every 10 days to 2 weeks, and still have no answers or support.

I admit I am not comfortable writing this, as required to, as I am still concerned for my son and the other soldiers and families involved on the site.

Readers this article of intimidation and possible civil rights violations are important to learn about. Who will be next? Is this more evidence of Dubya's wiretapping? Prissy will refer this article and the author for further assistance. There are people out there willing to help. Prissy is shocked this happened-it is certainly worthy of an explanation from the Pentagon and/or DOD.

Maybe these folks were making calls? Harris Survey: Many Americans Still Think Saddam Was Behind 9/11

NEW YORK More than four years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 22% of adults believe that Saddam Hussein "helped plan and support the hijackers who attacked the United States on September 11," according to a new Harris Poll. And nearly one in four (24%) of all adults wrongly believe that "several of the hijackers who attacked the United States on September 11 were Iraqis."

In other results bearing on support for the Iraq war, 26% of adults believe that Iraq "had weapons of mass destruction when the U.S. invaded," and 41% believe that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda."

Granted the 911 Report was a whitewash-but Geez, it did state there was no 911/Iraq connection, nor did Saddam knock boots with binLaden. Speaking of bin Laden, did you see Rummy hint he may be dead? "If bin Laden is still even alive..." Rummy said a few days ago. Guess the "boogey-man" has served his purpose. Al-jazeera- Rice backs Iraq poll probe

Sunni representatives have claimed that the elections were tainted by widespread fraud and led street demonstrations demanding a new election. Iraq's electoral commission has ruled out rerunning the election but it may reject ballots found to have been tainted by fraud.

Rice said she welcomed statements from Iraqi parties that had issued complaints supporting the electoral commission's decision to invite international monitors back for a review.

"The Electoral Commission has once again demonstrated its commitment to fair and credible elections that meet international standards," Rice said. "The United States strongly supports the election review process."

Condi is quite the card...they support a review in Iraq-yet they do not support the election review process in their OWN country!

Minister goes in Iraq oil crisis-30 December 2005 BBCIraqi Oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum has been released from his post and the Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi has assumed control.

Mr Bahr al-Uloum had publicly objected to the government's decision earlier this month to triple fuel prices.

Iraq's largest oil refinery has been shut since last week following death threats to tanker drivers.

A ministry spokesman told reporters that "production in the north, centre and south is about to suffocate."

From Constant-all about the warrantless National Security Agency searches. Nice work!

All NSA information showing NSA or other officials have known about war crimes -- but have engaged in coverups, or have refused to take action on war crimes -- is also admissible. * * *

GCHG's (Katherine)Gunn has already released information. We have copies of the Downing Street Memos. (See Prissy's archives about the Gunn case,2763,1156048,00.html)

And more information from other overseas government officials.

If you destroy the files, there are backups.

The US Attorney can bring charges for evidence destruction, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice. Those who know of war crimes -- and cover it up -- are presumed to be accessories. The punishment for war crimes includes the death penalty.

Quotes of the Day

"President Bush is being criticized by right wing groups because this Christmas cards to friends this year did not say 'Merry Christmas". Instead they said, 'Sorry about the indictment.'" --Conan O'Brien

In his 318th speech in Iraq on Sunday, the President said that the terrorists view the world as a giant battlefield. As opposed to us, who view the world as a giant oil field." --Jay Leno

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.~ Mark Twain

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.~ Mark Twain

The history of our race, and each individual's experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal. ~Mark Twain