Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yes, It's Built on a Swamp-But It's Our Swamp

Washington, D.C. was built on a swamp. And we all know what grows in swamps-yes- MONSTERS...only now we refer to them as "neorepublicans."

But none of this stops Prissy from loving it anyway. The row houses, the mix of people, the old government buildings, the metro-it's all here. (pics removed-slows site)

Prissy met two young men in a restaurant; economics majors from Columbia and later, nice young woman from Taiwan and a Fullbright Scholar on her way to Africa.

Very interesting conversation. Guess what-nobody likes Dubya...

Don't dare call Prissy unAmerican, but her next fav city is Toronto. Believe it or not, Prissy is one of the last Americans to have never been to the Big Apple!

Now Dearest Readers, you know Prissy is no snoot-but the last time she slept ten to a room was at camp at age 12! But here at the Quaker House, that is what you will find. Physicians for Social Responsibility were here, too.

The Quaker House

Usually we stay in a hotel, but Military Families Speak Out is planning "Operation House Call" to last until August 7, when the House summer session is over and the Quaker House has kindly opened their accommodations for our org.

MFSO will then follow these warmongers back to their respective home states, for further insistence the war end.

"Operation House Call" On C-Span today

They will eventually get it through their thick heads that we mean business...

By the way, Congressman Sherrod Brown-now running for Ohio Senate and Congressman and next Ohio governor Ted Strickland are very supportive of our efforts. We thank them for that!

Prissy would like to note that these two worker bees were some of the last ones leaving work for the day. Certainly a feather in their caps.

Prissy signing off for now...

PS- Greg Palast in Columbus was excellent...more on that when Prissy gets back.