Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Time for Action is Now-Blocking Fascism 101 Update

There is no question the Dubya must go. Dearest Readers, the Center for Constitutional Rights is offering a package that will show you how to support the people's right to proceed with impeachment against Bush, starting on a local level.

Articles of Impeachment

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), America's leading group of constitutional scholarship and activism, has developed a legal case for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Now, in collaboration with Melville House Books and progressives across the U.S., they are sponsoring a 'National Teach-In'” to share their case, what'’s at stake, and what impeachment means for every American.

On this site, you can find a teach-in in your neighborhood, town, or city. Or you can sign-up to host a teach-in and bring this important and non-partisan discussion of impeachment to your home, school, church, or community center.

We have to get out there, Dearest Readers...Military families are doing their share. C-Span featured Mona Parsons, an Ohio military mom with Military Families Speak Out. Mona's 28 year old son is currently in Iraq. She is a passionate advocate to get our troops home and works tirelessly toward action achieve that goal.

Mona told one republican congressman who gave her the feeble "We have to fight them over there or we'll be fighting them over here."

She said "Look, I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh and I don't watch Fox News so don't even try to spin me. I know the truth and I know what is really going on-my son is there in the midst of it." He hugged her before he left. There will be many military families participating in Operation House Call. See Military Families Speak Out for more details. Please help Mona and others (like Prissy!) return to D.C. regularly to bug the House to return our troops and stop the occupation of Iraq. A little gas money helps!

All donations are tax deductible and can be sent to Military Families Speak Out, PO Box 300549,Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. Please specify "Central Ohio" so it will be specified to benefit this chapter. Thank you!

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Update: More on Mona, a person Prissy greatly admires for her dedication to end this war. The Nation, great story War Is Personal: Mona Parsons/Age 52/Mt. Vernon, Ohio by Eugene Richards

"If I could end the whole business, I would," Jeremy interrupted, sounding defensive and sad.

"But it's not getting any better over there--it's getting worse."

"I'm all right. For me, it's easy. I sit in an office, work in a headquarters."

"Unless they change where you're at, and that could happen at any time."

"Right, and I volunteer for suicide missions every day."

"In Sunday's newspaper the death toll was 2,319. Today, 2,322. In August, the death toll was 1,820--"

"Can't we stop before we rehash everything--"

"Being your mom, my greatest fear is that you won't come back to me. So I feel that I have to fight, have to argue, do everything I can. You know, when you leave, everything stops--"

The neorepublicans really put military families in a tough spot, especially when the soldier is a younger family member. The instinct is to protect them from placing them in such unjust circumstances...for most of us adults.

Columbus Dispatch OU faces suit over data loss-Alumni seek class-action status, call for university to pay credit monitor

And who keeps stealing this stuff from Ohio University, the Veterans Administration, banks, insurance companies...some claim the thieves sell it to our own government so their goon squad can add it to their Total Information Awareness spyware files they keep.

Prissy thanks her fellow alumni for taking care of us, since our college did not...

Telegraph CIA has access to your bank records

CIA agents and US treasury officials have been secretly monitoring financial transactions routed through Swift, the Brussels-based, industry-owned co-operative that links 7,800 financial institutions in more than 200 countries.

Swift, an acronym for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, provides electronic instructions for transfers between virtually every bank, brokerage house, and stock exchange and routes 11 million transactions each day.

The Terrorist Finance Tracking Program was disclosed by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, which said they had been pressed by the administration not to divulge its existence.

American officials denied that it amounted to an invasion of privacy and said it was vital to anti-terrorism operations. It means Washington may have access not only to financial data on its own citizens but everyone else's too.

Note: The seven terrorists arrested in Florida didn't have any money, Dubya.

Editor and Publisher Tony Snow Tells E&P: 'NYT' Deserves Special Criticism

Snow declined to comment on other criticism of The New York Times from outside the White House, such as New York Republican congressman Peter King's assertion that the paper should be prosecuted and National Review's Monday editorial urging that the Times' White House press credentials be revoked. "They are not going to lose their credentials," he said.

"Congress acts on its own without White House direction," he added about King's comments. "I don't want to get in any further on this than we have. We have said what we are going to say."

No they won't lose their press credentials, because they know the truth-even when they haven't always printed it.

Rense Resume - George W. Bush

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE I ran for U.S. Congress and lost. I began my career in the oil business in Midland , Texas , in 1975. I bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas . The company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock. I bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using taxpayer money. With the help of my father and our friends in the oil industry, including Enron CEO Ken Lay, I was elected governor of Texas .

ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS GOVERNOR OF TEXAS I changed Texas pollution laws to favor power and oil companies, making Texas the most polluted state in the Union . During my tenure, Houston replaced Los Angeles as the most smog-ridden city in America I cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas treasury to the tune of billions in borrowed money. I set the record for the most executions by any governor in American history. With the help of my brother, the governor of Florida , and my father's appointments to the Supreme Court, I became President after losing by over 500,000 votes.

ABC News Bush Ignores Laws He Inks, Vexing Congress

Instead, he has issued hundreds of signing statements invoking his right to interpret or ignore laws on everything from whistleblower protections to how Congress oversees the Patriot Act.

"It means that the administration does not feel bound to enforce many new laws which Congress has passed," said David Golove, a New York University law professor who specializes in executive power issues. "This raises profound rule of law concerns. Do we have a functioning code of federal laws?"

Signing statements don't carry the force of law, and other presidents have issued them for administrative reasons, such as instructing an agency how to put a certain law into effect. They usually are inserted quietly into the federal record.

Bush's signing statement in March on Congress's renewal of the Patriot Act riled Specter and others who labored for months to craft a compromise between Senate and House versions, and what the White House wanted. Reluctantly, the administration relented on its objections to new congressional oversight of the way the FBI searches for terrorists.

Rush too? Why must they claim to be republicans? From Friends of Liberty ST. LOUIS MAN CLAIMS RUSH LIMBAUGH AFFAIR

Dec. 8, 2002 A 46 year old music store owner from the St. Louis area, Elliot Sanders, is claiming that while a college student at Southeast Missouri University in 1971, he had an affair with Rush Limbaugh. Sanders claims that he and Limbaugh, the well known talk radio star, had an affair that went on for about 3 months in the fall of 1971...

Sanders stated that he met Limbaugh in a class he was taking, but it was only after meeting his sister, who was openly gay at that time, that he found out Rush himself was gay. "Rush was a charming man privately," says Sanders, "I met him in a class I was taking, and got on a first name basis with him. I didn't realize he was gay until his sister came to visit him. She was gay, and like, we hit it off, and she seemed shocked that I didn't know Rush was gay as well. When I found out I was like ... wow!"

MSNBC Iraq Govt. Plan Calls for U.S. Withdrawal Timetable

June 24, 2006 - A timetable for withdrawal of occupation troops from Iraq. Amnesty for all insurgents who attacked U.S. and Iraqi military targets. Release of all security detainees from U.S. and Iraqi prisons. Compensation for victims of coalition military operations.

This is the third "democratically elected" goverment and Prime Minister who has asked that we leave. They have asked since June 2005.

Al-Jazeera Iraq to discuss reconciliation plan

A politician says the Iraqi government will present a 28-point national reconciliation plan to parliament on Sunday that will grant some fighters amnesty and ask for approval of steps for Iraqis to take over security from US soldiers.

Mahmoud Othman, a senior Kurdish politician, said on Friday the plan also would include a timeline for preparing Iraqi forces to take over security from US forces.

That would fit with the overall US-led multinational force's strategy to transfer security to Iraqi forces in certain regions while withdrawing to larger regional bases to stand ready to help in case of emergency.

A final stage would involve the drawdown of US soldiers from those bases.

Asia Times Hollow US defense for an empty threat

This is premature, to say the least, considering North Korea may not even have an ICBM. According to DefenseTech, a leading website on military technology, the North Koreans have previously launched exactly one intermediate-range ballistic missile. That missile, a combination of smaller Nodong and Scud missiles - went about 2,000 kilometers or so.

Now, US intelligence assumes the North Koreans have been working on strapping together more Nodong and Scud engines for an ICBM - something that can reach three to five times as far, and hit the United States. But no one has actually seen the missile. Even how many stages the mystery missile has is unknown; some folks say two, others say three.

But, by far, the most laughable news is the US government announcement that it is activating its missile defense system. This, no doubt, is causing the North Korean leaders to shake - in fits of laughter. One can only imagine some flunky saying, "Good news, Dear Leader: the American imperialists have activated their missile defense system. Now we can launch."

The activation of the system is what one can only call a Pyrrhic readiness gesture, considering the system has a particularly distinguished record of failures in its operational tests to date and is still considered to be in the laughing-stock stage by most impartial experts.


Bilderberg expects interest rates to rise and many Americans to lose their homes in the months ahead. Meanwhile, they hope they can pressure President Bush to refrain from an all-out invasion of Iran while maintaining oil prices at their current record-high levels of about $70 a barrel.

Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, predicted rising interest rates and difficulties for families that have obtained adjustable rate mortgages, or 'variable'” interest rates. Many are likely to lose their homes as rising home mortgage rates add hundreds of dollars to their monthly payments, he said. While most listened solemnly and some expressed concern, one was heard to say, “stupid Americans deserve their fate.'

Many Americans, especially young families, have been buying expensive homes at low but 'variable'” interest rates. Others have been paying just the interest owed on their homes and not the principal. They are the most vulnerable, Geithner said. Some have paid little or nothing down. Some institutions “lend” buyers the down payment.

Detroit Free Press Baghdad in state of emergency

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq's government clamped a state of emergency on Baghdad and ordered everyone off the streets Friday after U.S. and Iraqi forces battled insurgents armed with rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and rifles near the heavily fortified Green Zone.

The military also announced the deaths of five more U.S. troops in a particularly violent week for American forces that included the discovery of the brutalized bodies of two soldiers. Twelve U.S. service members have died or were found dead this week.

The fighting in the heart of Baghdad came despite a crackdown launched 10 days ago that put tens of thousands of U.S.-backed Iraqi troops on the streets as the new prime minister sought to restore a modicum of safcapitol'she capital's more than 5 million people.

Iraqi and U.S. military forces clashed with heavily armed attackers throughout the morning Friday within earshot of the Green Zone, which houses the U.S. and British embassies and Iraqi government headquarters.

From ABC the Note

: Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), Sen. Dayton, and Sen. Reid hold a 1:30 pm ET Democratic Policy Committee "hearing" focusing on the Bush Administration's "manipulation" of pre-war intelligence. Witnesses include Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, Paul Pillar, the CIA official responsible for coordinating intelligence on Iraq from 2000 to 2005, Carl Ford, Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, 2001-2003, Michael Smith, reporter for the Sunday Times of London who broke the story of the "Downiing Street Memo," and others.

The Democrats' security message is expected to focus on the amnesty-for-insurgent issue and on Gen. Casey's comments regarding troop withdrawals from Iraq. Sen. Reid is expected to say: "While the Iraqis, our top generals and Democrats are working to change the course in Iraq; Bush Republicans stand alone in staying the course. It is time to start the phased redeployment of US troops by the end of this year. Bush Republicans stand alone in their desire for an open-ended commitment with no goals, no benchmarks and no plan for success. . ."

Well, well Prissy sees our little trips to D.C. are paying off. Prissy would hate to think Military Families Speak Out would have to call on all it's members to shut down D.C.

As one passerby, after reading our flyer said "So you guys are more militant in your approach to get achive peace." Of course, we are military families...

Operation House Call will be going on though until the House recess August 7. We want a pullout and we want it now-this summer.

We are losing two soldiers a day and 20 Iraqi civilians. Military families have been taking two pairs of empty combat boots upstairs to their representatives offices in Washington and explaining to staff this is how many we lost last night. And that this is what "staying the course looks like".

We will not let up on them until the war is ended and our soldiers brought home.

Pravda Al-Zarqawi is not dead, we are

Zarqawi's wife, child and two other bad guys were killed in the attack, if we can believe the head-embedded media. But can we believe a media, can we believe a government, that has yet to utter the word, "impeachment" about President Bush who is wiretapping millions of us outside the Constitution, when they screamed for President Nixon's head for tapping only one office?

The death of Al-Zarqawi may not be what it seems, just like our President is not what he seems. He has already established himself as a dictator, ignoring hundreds of laws, saying that he is a "unitary executive" having the power to set aside any law whatsoever based on his personal interpretation of the Constitution, regardless that Congress and the courts say otherwise. "Unitary executive" is a political theory that any U.S. President has unlimited executive power. Bush has used the theory to expand presidential powers just like any dictator who personally feels he can ignore the rest of the government and the will of the people. Yet no one dares say the word, "impeach," because nearly all of government and the media have been compromised to the point that they no longer have spines nor dignity. Want a tax audit or want to lose your job? Try standing up to American tyranny and see what happens to you.

He's right at least on the last part. Prissy got a big overdue tax bill after starting this blog-too bad it for them it was a city she has never lived or worked in.

There are other things too, like having a mortgage transferred to a company owned by Lehman Brothers, that only accepts payment by mail- a "question" from the I.R.S. about reporting an item that Prissy did indeed report.

DW World Germany German Authorities Deny Knowledge of el-Masri Interrogator

A parliamentary committee looking into the role of German intelligence during the Iraq War was told there was no proof of collusion by German authorities in the abduction of a man who says he was kidnapped by the CIA.

Khaled el-Masri, the Lebanese-born man at the center of the probe, gave the panel his account of what happened to him nearly three years ago. A naturalized German citizen, he insisted he was interrogated by a German agent.

"Based on the way he looked and his accent, he was definitely German," he said. He explained that the man he knew as "Sam" made his first appearance in the Kabul prison where el-Masri was being held in May 2004, and that his treatment improved immediately.

Al-Ahram Weekly EgyptCommentary: Bush in wonderland by Ramzy Baroud

Party in the November elections -- and considering that his faltering ratings stand at an all time low -- President Bush's camp is turning the inconsequential death of Zarqawi into a major turning point in Iraq. Though the president insists that Zarqawi's death doesn't mean an end to violence in Iraq (a clever attempt to avoid another "mission accomplished" faux pas), the PR campaign led by his administration immediately after the Jordanian militant's death suggests a desperate, yet determined, attempt at political recovery. Otherwise, how else can one explain the timing of the following events: Bush's "surprise" visit to Iraq; the announcement of a major military "sweep" meant to parade the US- trained Iraqi military and police as a strong "partner" in quelling the insurgency; the Iraqi government's announcement that "this is the beginning of the end" for Al-Qaeda in Iraq; the call for "national reconciliation" and the release of a few hundred Iraqi prisoners; President Bush's two- day retreat at Camp David to consult with his advisors -- sold by CNN as the president's way of sharing the burden of war responsibility with the people -- and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, reality on the ground suggests that if Zarqawi's death was of any value, it freed the Iraqi resistance from its burdensome affiliation with a foreign leadership. Aside from that, nothing has changed: bombs continue to blast throughout the country; tortured and mutilated bodies continue to appear daily in ditches and alleyways; gun battles persist almost hourly; new militant groups with confusing names spring forth unabashed, etc. Post-invasion Iraq has not changed and is unlikely to change anytime soon, even if the new Iraqi prime minister has finalised his cabinet and has made an impressive speech or two. Well done.

Whatfocuseds a focussed campaign of misinformation aimed at defeating Saddam's forces has turned into a much more intense campaign of deceit and trickery aimed at salvaging Bush's political reputation and that of his Republican Party. Thus, what has really changed in Iraq is that the administration and the media have suddenly decided to reinterpret the ongoing conflict for political ends. It has little to do with Baghdad and its Green Zone and much to do with Capitol Hill and its discontented politicians. Simply put: it's politics as usual.* The writer is an Arab-American journalist.

Time Why Joe Lieberman is Fighting for his Political Life

It's extremely difficult to defeat any incumbent, especially an 18-year veteran like Lieberman, but many forces are in place to do just that. Some liberal Democrats in Connecticut have long been frustrated by Lieberman's centrism. When he ran for President in 2004, Lieberman supporters at the time complained that Democrats in his home state wouldn't make the short trip to New Hampshire to work on his behalf. And that opposition began to build early in 2005. Many local Democrats were furious about Lieberman's support of Bush's nominations of Condoleezza Rice and Alberto Gonzales to cabinet posts and his seemingly constant willingness to compromise with the GOP on many issues, such as helping President Bush get some of his conservative judicial nominees confirmed after they had been filibustered by Democrats.

Connecticut party officials were particularly incensed when President Bush kissed Lieberman on the cheek following his 2005 State of the Union address. In meetings with state Dems, Lieberman tried to assuage their concerns, but also kept reminding party officials he had a 70% approval rating. Even so, the attacks on the kiss became so vocal that an exasperated Lieberman told one group of Democrats "I didn't kiss him back," a response that didn't exactly hearten them. (The incident has become so radioactive that Lieberman now denies Bush actually kissed him, telling TIME last week "I don't think he kissed me, he leaned over and gave me a hug and said "thank you for being a patriotic American.")

That is one politician Prissy won't miss. Turncoat Joe...watch Joe backtrack when Team Dubya's business is in the street for all to see.

Toronto Star Attack sparks Mideast crisis

The rare kidnapping of a defence force soldier tweaked arguably the most sensitive nerve in Israel's cultural psyche, reviving memories of the extraordinary lengths to which the Jewish state has gone to retrieve hostages in the past.

No Israeli soldier has been kidnapped since 1994 when Cpl. Nachson Waxman and one of his would-be rescuers died during a special forces attempt to wrest him from his Hamas captors. As recently as 2004, however, Israel approved the release of some 400 Palestinian prisoners in a complex swap that saw the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah return a single living Israeli civilian hostage and the remains of three dead Israeli soldiers.

"If you look at what we've done in the past, the price Israel has been willing to pay just to get back bodies for burial, you understand how serious this is," Regev told the Star. "It probably originates from Biblical sources, but it really is part of the overall ethos of Israel. This isn't just another Qassam missile. This is enormous."

Israeli officials said last night a prisoner exchange for the safe return of Shalit is "simply not on the table."

Military.com Senators Back Plan for Guard

WASHINGTON - The Senate, eager to stanch the flow of illegal immigrants, signaled overwhelming support Monday for President Bush's plan to dispatch National Guard troops to states along the Mexican border.

No tour of duty could last longer than 21 days and troops would be excluded from "search, seizure, arrest or similar activity." They would support the Border Patrol, which has primary responsibility for intercepting illegal immigrants.

The vote was 83-10 on an amendment by Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., to authorize governors to order their states' National Guard units to perform annual duty training in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California. Administration officials have said Bush has the authority needed to deploy the Guard, making the vote a largely symbolic show of support.

Asia Times Caution: Inflation is higher than you think

However, if the Fed really believes its own official CPI, then it is likely to make a huge strategic error and fall behind in the fight against inflation. The official CPI is intended for public consumption only. FOMC members should regard it with suspicion.

The stakes are enormous now as the US economy simultaneously faces slowing growth and mounting inflation, the kind of impending downturn that is making the big Asian economies, Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East think twice about the desirability of continued US global economic leadership. If Washington stumbles in the fight against inflation, either by letting it get out of control or by killing economic growth as it tries to suppress it, the US government may find that the rest of the world's economies won't simply continue to look for solutions and their future fortunes within the framework of the old US-centered global economic order.

With the noteworthy rise of an ever more powerful Asian economic bloc, the simultaneous rise of Russia and the deepening cooperation of all such players and their growing list of oil- and gas-exporting partners in the energy and economic spheres, the old US-centric order is already set to come unglued. The impending US economic downturn, one likely to involve a heavy dose of stagflation along with significant and lasting pain, may be the catalyst that causes the global economic compass finally to swing fully eastward to Eurasia as the new global economic center of power.

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 1433 (2005)1:Lawfulness of detentions by the United States in Guantinamo Bay

1. The Parliamentary Assembly recalls and restates its outrage and disgust at the terrorist attacks on the United States of America of 11 September 2001, the horror of which has not been dimmed by the passage of time. It shares the United StatesÂ’ determination to combat international terrorism and fully endorses the importance of detecting and preventing terrorist crimes, prosecuting and punishing terrorists and protecting human lives.

2. Whilst the Assembly therefore offers its full support to the United States in its efforts to fight terrorism, this must be on condition that all measures taken are fully respectful of human rights and the rule of law. Conformity with international human rights and humanitarian law is not a weakness in the fight against terrorism but a weapon, ensuring the widest international support for actions and avoiding situations which could provoke misplaced sympathy for terrorists or their causes.

3. The United States has long been a beacon of democracy and a champion of human rights throughout the world and its positive influence on European development in this respect since the Second World War is greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, the Assembly considers that the United States Government has betrayed its own highest principles in the zeal with which it has attempted to pursue the "“war on terror". These errors have perhaps been most manifest in relation to Guantinamo Bay.

4. At no time have detentions at Guantinamo Bay been within a "“legal black hole"”. International human rights law has at all times been fully applicable to all detainees. For those captured during the international armed conflict in Afghanistan, protection of certain rights may have been complemented by the provisions of international humanitarian law (IHL) for the duration of that conflict. Since that international armed conflict ceased, however, international human rights standards have applied in the normal fashion.

CNN Bush condemns disclosure of secret anti-terror program

"Public Condemns Bush for Bank Mining Program"

Irish Examiner Reconciliation plan unveiled by Iraqi PM

There was no mention of any timetable for the withdrawal of US-led forces in Iraq. US officials, however, said General George Casey Jr, the top commander in Iraq, had given US President George W Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a plan for drawing down the American presence by two combat brigades by late summer or early autumn.

The New York Times said the officials indicated the drawdown could involve the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division, which currently oversees a swath of west Baghdad, and the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division, which oversees troublesome Diyala and Salahuddin provinces.

The new Iraqi leader, in power just more than a month, said he was realistic about the difficult road that lay ahead.

AFP French press Bush: North Korea must detail missile payload

US Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, distanced himself from the Bush administration when he suggested the escalating standoff and other issues could be best resolved through direct dialogue between the two countries.

The administration has favored the stalled six-party talks as a venue for contacts with North Korea, which is seen by the United States as a top weapons proliferator and which Bush has said belongs to an "axis of evil."

Some independent foreign policy experts have suggested conducting a preventive strike against a North Korean launch pad, where preparation for a test of a long-range Taepodong-2 missile are said to be under way.

But Lugar said he believed "it would not be advisable" to use military force to take out the missile believed to be capable of reaching US soil.

OK Senator Lugar, let us hope you make sure that Dubya understands the "long term implications" of WAR this time...

Be sure and pass this one along to non-believers FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11” (It's true, you can see the FBI's "most wanted". Here's what the FBI accuses him of:Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Gee, one wouldn't think a man with a $27 million dollar price tag on his head would be too hard to find in a dirt poor nation. Unless, of course, he was buried in a desert someplace...

WP Gates Foundation to Get Bulk of Buffett's Fortune

Until now, Buffett has given little to philanthropy, amassing the wealth and leaving the work of philanthropy to others so his money could compound at a higher rate, he told Fortune. He said he had always planned to have his wife oversee his charitable giving after his death. But after she died -- and because he saw an opportunity to invest in an existing, well-respected foundation run by two "ungodly bright" people -- he changed plans to start giving it away this year, he told the magazine.

"Neither Susie nor I ever thought we should pass huge amounts of money along to our children," said Buffett, who said he plans to give away his remaining stock holdings after his death but that he has "quite a bit of cash" he still plans to leave to those close to him. "Our children are great," he told Fortune. "But I would argue that when your kids have all the advantages anyway, in terms of how they grow up and the opportunities they have for education, including what they learn at home -- I would say it's neither right nor rational to be flooding them with money."

Wise words from Mr. Buffett, some parenting tips the Bush clan could use...

Quotes of the Day

CNN is one of the participants in the war. I have a fantasy where Ted Turner is elected president but refuses because he doesn't want to give up power.-- Arthur C. Clarke, Author of 2001: A Space Oddessy

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.-- Thomas Jefferson

Actions lie louder than words.--Carolyn Wells, Mystery Author

For our Dubya...A man's character is his fate.--Heraclitus (540 BC - 480 BC), On the Universe

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.--Japanese Proverb

And for Rover, now tattling all he knows on dastardly Dick. And that Dick, watch him try to Arial Sharon his way out of taking the fall...Underneath this flabby exterior is an enormous lack of character.--Oscar Levant (1906 - 1972)