Friday, August 24, 2007

Insurgents for Bush

They luv Boosh

Dearest Readers, Tis the season and the war is the reason...Prissy is hard at work to help with a big push/shove to end the war.

We need your protests to register to the bureaucrats in Washington. Call them, write and email if you cannot make it to Washington.

Make an appointment with your senators local office and tell them you are fed up with how things are going. Let them know you expect them respect the majority view of Americans and perform accordingly. They work for you and me! We the People, we are the government in America.

Here's a little cadence to put you in the mood. Take it to your next protest!

The British Aren’t Coming-by the spirit of Paul Revere

Now I don’t know, but I been told,

Neocons ain’t got no soul,

Tried to take our republic down,

Will National Guard have’t come to town,

Now we do love democracy,

Guard’ll take it back for you and me,

Who’d ever thought it’d come to this,

Too many Americans in state of bliss,

They didn’t know, cause they weren’t told,

Media's lies are gettin’ old,

That’s why our soldiers have to fight,

Now just ask, Will it be tonight…?

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Impeach for Peace Impeach for Peace

Grassroots Nonpartisan Efforts to Impeach Bush & Cheney

We must begin the impeachment process NOW. Ms. Pelosi doesn't understand (or perhaps she does) that if anyone in Bushco bellows the war order for Iran, they must be put down like a rabid animal.

In order for a Senate Sargent in Arms or military to comfortably act against such said animals as needed, impeachment should be implemented immediately. It needn't be completed process...

Consortium news Dangers of a Cornered George Bush By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity & Dr. Justin Frank July 27, 2007

Editor’s Note: As the nation and the world face 18 more months of George W. Bush’s presidency, a chilling prospect is that Bush – confronted with more defeats and reversals – might just “lose it” and undertake even more reckless military adventures.

In this special memorandum, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) collaborated with psychiatrist Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch, to assess the potential dangers and possible countermeasures available to constrain Bush:

Recent events have put a great deal more pressure on President George W. Bush, who has shown little regard for the constitutional system bequeathed to us by the Founders. Having bragged about being commander in chief of the “first war of the 21st century,” one he began under false pretenses, success in Iraq is now a pipedream.

Unless Checked-If the constitutional process of impeachment is under way when President Bush orders our military to begin a war against Iran, there is a good chance that, rather than salute like automatons and start World War III, our senior military would find a way to prevent more carnage until such time as the representatives of the people in the House have spoken.

This administration’s capacity for mischief would not end until conviction in the Senate. But initiating the impeachment process appears to be the only way to launch a shot across the bow of this particular ship of state. For it is captained by a president with a psychological makeup likely to lead to new misadventures likely to end in a ship wreck unless the Constitution is brought alongside and a new pilot boarded.

We are grateful that Dr. Frank agreed to collaborate with us and to issue under VIPS auspices the psychological assessment that follows.

Discussion of the three scenarios after his profiling of President Bush was very much a collaborative exercise aimed at applying Frank’s insights to contingencies our president may have to address before he leaves office. Our conclusions are, of necessity, speculative—and, sorry, scary.

Buzzflash, putting things in perspective. GOP Hypocrite of the Week George W. Bush

Once Saddam was deposed and no WMDs were found, Bush had fulfilled his initial "mission." Since that time, his handlers have improvised new ones that change with the wind.

There long ago stopped being any mission in Iraq other than the "America as lone superpower cannot afford to lose to a ragtag bunch of swarthy Arabs" mission.

Even Bush's hand-chosen puppet, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki asserted that he would "find friends elsewhere" if Bush and others continued to try to displace him as the "democratically" elected head of the Iraqi government, such as it is.

As was the case with Vietnam, the best thing we can do to repair Iraq is to leave it.

*Impe´rial Pres´idency. A U.S. presidency that is characterized by greater power than the Constitution allows. (Source: The Random House Dictionary of the English Language, Second Edition Unabridged.)

[This article was originally published in The Montclarion, student newspaper at Montclair State University (then College), Thursday, October 4, 1984, p. 11]WHAT SHOULD WE LEARN FROM THE VIETNAM WAR? PLENTY by Grover Furr

2. What was the US trying to accomplish in Vietnam? Profit. U.S. News and World Report wrote:

One of the world's richest areas is open to the winner in Indochina. That's behind the growing U.S. concern ... tin, rubber, rice, key strategic materials are what the war is really all about. The U.S. sees it as a place to hold at any cost.

Wrote Nation's Business magazine:

The best thinkers on the subject in business and government agree that magnificent business opportunities await in Vietnam Thailand, Laos ... As the military situation in Vietnam improves, they expect the flow of business to double, triple, and quadruple.

Therefore, it was a good thing that the U.S. "lost" in Vietnam Since World War II millions of jobs have been lost in the US as American companies closed factories here and moved them abroad. If the US and their South Vietnamese stooges had won, South Vietnam would have been yet another place for American companies to move to. Hundreds of thousands more American workers would have lost their jobs.

One less bad guy claiming to be one of the good guys at the DOJ- ForbesTop Civil Rights Prosecutor Resigns

WASHINGTON -The Justice Department's top civil rights enforcer resigned Thursday following more than a year of criticism that his office filled its ranks with conservative loyalists instead of experienced attorneys.

Assistant Attorney General Wan J. Kim was the first immigrant and first Korean-American to head the department's civil rights division - a post he held for just over two years.

Kim is the latest senior Justice official to leave amid a scathing congressional investigation that has raised questions about the department's political independence from the White House.

Kim had been rumored for months to be leaving the department, and is expected to join a private law firm. He worked at Justice for over 10 years, starting as a criminal trial attorney, and was one of the few Senate-confirmed senior officials left.

No wonder Kim and Gonzo hate affirmative action-it lets people just like them climb the ladder of success. But what they really don't like are the many success stories who are nothing like them!

Huffington Post Bush's Daughter, Jenna, Engaged

How soon for the quickie wedding for the prez daughter, whose Daddy endorses abstaining from sex before marriage?

Insider Trading 911 krongard Shattuck Deutsche Bank

Listen to this great new song by Prissy's friend Victrola and the Duhst BunniesDubya begins with duh Another Fascist Day is a favorite, the whole CD is excellent.

Harpers The Next War Draws Nearer

Labeling the Revolutionary Guards as ‘Terrorists.’ Last week the Bush Administration floated the idea that it would schedule Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (an official part of the Iranian government) as a terrorist organization. This is related to the Administration’s propaganda drive to portray the Revolutionary Guard as deeply engaged in training terrorists in Iraq. (Iran is deeply engaged in outfitting and supporting factions loyal to it in Iraq, as is Saudi Arabia and other states.) Of course, the Revolutionary Guards answer directly to Supreme Leader Khamenei, so in taking this position, the Bush Administration is essentially saying that it has decided to ditch an initiative that focuses on skirting Ahmadinejad by going directly to Khamenei—that is, it is limiting its diplomatic options, yet again. No real surprise there, since it’s clear—notwithstanding statements from Condoleezza Rice about the exhaustion of diplomatic approaches—that the White House (read: Dick Cheney) places no store whatsoever in a diplomatic effort for Iran.

Preparation for a ‘Dirty War’? The branding of the Revolutionary Guard as terrorists raises troubling prospects with respect to targeting and military operations in Iran. Based on prior Bush Administration postures (adopted with respect to the Taliban, and units of Saddam Hussein’s military), it would mean that they are denied Geneva Convention protections in the coming war and could be treated to “highly coercive interrogation techniques” (i.e., torture) if captured. In sum, it looks like the Bush Administration is busily preparing for another “dirty war.”

Costing for Ground Operations in Iran. In the last two weeks the Department of Defense has begun pushing regular contractors very aggressively for “unit costs” to be used for logistical preparations for reconstruction and ground operations in a certain country of West Asia. In the last week, the requests have gotten increasingly harried. And what, exactly, is the country in question? Iran.

‘There Will Be an Attack on Iran.’ Former senior CIA analyst Bob Baer has a piece in the current Time Magazine called “Prelude to an Attack on Iran.” Baer also sees a quickening pace and an increasing likelihood of a sustained military assault on Iran, driven by the Neocons. Baer develops the scenario, showing how the Revolutionary Guards will be portrayed as terrorists, they will be linked to armor-penetrating projectiles used in Iraq, and this will be taken as a pretext to wage a war against Iran. He quotes an Administration official who says these explosive devices “are a casus belli for this Administration. There will be an attack on Iran.”

Bolton Wants Bombs in Six Months. John Bolton appeared on Fox News and was asked a question based on Bob Baer’s report. Bolton “absolutely hopes” it is true that bombs will start falling on Iran within six months.

NBC4 Arrested Demonstrators Awarded $1 Million August 1, 2007

In September 2002, 100 people who marched on D.C. to protest the war in Iraq and World Bank policies. They were arrested. They later sued, claiming their arrests were unlawful.

A judge agreed.

On Wednesday, the judge awarded them monetary damages and threw out their arrests.

The demonstrators claimed police trapped them along Connecticut Avenue, then arrested them.

Think Progress Voinovich refuses to comment on Iraq trip

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) just returned from a quick 10 to 14 hour trip to Iraq, in which he met “with soldiers, civilians, Iraqi officials and U.S. military leaders including commanding Gen. David Petraeus.” But, unlike most lawmakers who return from the war-torn country, Voinovich is refusing to offer an assessment of what he saw on his trip. “He’s not going to get into that right now — what’s working, what’s not working, is the surge working,” his spokesman, Chris Paulitz, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s not really interested in a soundbite response.”

Only one quote military families want from you, Senator Voinovich. Try "I know we need to leave Iraq within months and bring home the National Guard first."

Maybe he wants to go down with the same kind of humiliating defeat that another long time Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH)suffered to Senator Sharrod Brown. 2 to 1-ouch...

Scotsman Israel kicks out Christian refugees

A CHRISTIAN group has offered to relocate about 1,000 Christian Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel to the West to rescue them from planned expulsion to Egypt by the government.

Faced with a growing number of refugees and economic migrants crossing the border from Egypt, Israel has said it would allow 500 refugees from Darfur already inside Israel to remain in the country.

Still want to tithe?

CBS, too many OB/GYN's can't practice their luv with women across this country, huh Dubya? More U.S. Women Dying In Childbirth

CNN Amy Winehouse bloody, bruised after alleged fight

LONDON, England (AP) -- A British newspaper splashed photos of singer Amy Winehouse bloody and bruised across its Friday edition after she allegedly had a fight with her husband.

THAT was CNN front page news. Which is why Betty and Prissy call them CertainlyNotNews. Prissy notes even the snooty Paula Zahn could lie no more.

LA Times Top general to urge Iraq troop cut Advice by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs poses a potential clash with supporters of the buildup.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is expected to advise President Bush to reduce the U.S. force in Iraq next year by almost half, potentially creating a rift with top White House officials and other military commanders over the course of the war.

Administration and military officials say Marine Gen. Peter Pace is likely to convey concerns by the Joint Chiefs that keeping well in excess of 100,000 troops in Iraq through 2008 will severely strain the military. This assessment could collide with one being prepared by the U.S. commander in Iraq, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, calling for the U.S. to maintain higher troop levels for 2008 and beyond.

Petraeus is expected to support a White House view that the absence of widespread political progress in Iraq requires several more months of the U.S. troop buildup before force levels are decreased to their pre-buildup numbers sometime next year.

Pace's recommendations reflect the views of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who initially expressed private skepticism about the strategy ordered by Bush and directed by Petraeus, before publicly backing it.

Peter Pace got brave for one moment. Big deal. General Be-tray-us will turn in the report that the White House gives him. Otherwise he wouldn't be working for Dubya, now would he?

Talking Points Memo Army secretary rejects longer Iraq tours Army's Top Civilian Leader Rules Out Iraq Troop Deployments Longer Than 15 Months

The Army's top civilian leader said Thursday he sees "no possibility" of extending soldiers' 15-month Iraq tours, reflecting concern about mounting strains on soldiers and their families as well as an emerging expectation that the troop buildup in Iraq can be reversed next year.

In an Associated Press interview, Army Secretary Pete Geren said that regardless of near-term changes in Iraq, the Army must find new ways to adjust to the pressures of engaging in a global war against extremism, which he described as a "persistent conflict" that could last two decades.

"We've planned for it, but until you actually live it you don't recognize all the challenges you have," he said, including problems associated with the regular use of the National Guard and Reserve.

Salon How Ari Fleisher Misuses American Soldiers, Still Freedom's Watch, the former press secretary's new pro-Iraq war group, has little to do with veterans and everything to do with politics. by Joe Conason

Or else they have everything to do with politics, namely to bolster the embattled base of support for Bush and intimidate Republicans who might defect during the next phase of the congressional struggle over the war. According to the Politico's Mike Allen, who boasts an extensive network of White House and GOP sources, the ultimate goal of Freedom's Watch is to "do for the GOP what the MoveOn political action organizations have done for Democrats." Blakeman hopes that Freedom's Watch will become "a never-ending campaign -- a stable, credible voice of reason on generational issues that won't rise and fall with election cycles." Such wishful descriptions would make sense only if were a front group bankrolled by billionaires and controlled by party operatives and politicians' mouthpieces, rather than a grass-roots citizens organization that relies upon the donations and activism of millions of Americans.

So while Freedom's Watch may prefer to present itself as a voice of veterans and to imagine itself as an expression of grass-roots voters, it more closely resembles United Seniors Association or Americans for Job Security. Like those other front groups, Freedom's Watch has a big budget, a partisan agenda and a roster of right-wing talent to wield temporary influence, whether during an election campaign or a policy struggle, while making little or no real effort to organize citizens outside the Beltway. It isn't surprising that the White House would resort to a blitz of this kind, because they have often worked so well in the past.

But the manipulative style of the Freedom's Watch ads -- and the apparent decision to air them against wavering Republicans -- signals desperation, not strength. This campaign is aimed at the base, not the broader public that despises Bush and wants the troops brought home. Launching such an effort now may hold a few votes for the White House in the upcoming congressional struggles over the war, but it is cheapening the emotional currency that Republican strategists have relied on during the past three election cycles and will undoubtedly seek to exploit again next year.

Such strategies eventually exhaust the public, and what helps now may be ruinous later. Perhaps there is poetic justice in Republicans turning on one another with the same cynical lies and manipulations that led to the war in the first place.

Quotes of the Day

Don't accept rides from strange men, and remember that all men are strange.--Robin Morgan

The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it.--George Orwell

What's Left Of Me Won't Go Right--Dept of Homeland Conspiracy, blogger

"I'm Peter Fitzgerald...My name is Patrick Fitzgerald ... I like to tear the tops off small animals." --Bush adviser Karl Rove, before rapping at the Radio-TV Correspondents' dinner (Watch video)

Rover likes to say "Peter Fitzgerald" and always pretends to get it wrong. What a wise guy.

He pretends not to remember the name of the man who had him in front of a grand jury five times. Sure Rover and what was that quit date again?