Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Turncoat Joe Loses Connecticut, Rove Will Help Joe

You know better, Dearest Readers. There isn't enough money in the world, as Prissy's granny says, so Joe- perish the thought.

Dearest Readers, Prissy had a delightful time in DC-other than the morbid heat.

The Mosque that Prissy visited with a friend was indeed, the high point of her trip.

The women and men at the Mosque were warm and welcoming, even though Prissy's head scarf kept falling off...

The ladies wondered what Prissy, as an American woman, thought of the men and women being separated in different areas during worship. Prissy rather liked it and can see why some might prefer it.

About that turncoat Joe-one poster said, "He dropped his principles like a live grenade when it suited him." This was said by a "Freerepublic" wing-nut, one of the few times he made sense...

Free consulting today for Joe... Hey Joe, don't waste all that corporate money on your "independent" campaign.

How about instead "patriot boy", sending a check to offset expenses for the Connecticut National Guard. Their budget was blown in Iraq, you see.

They are in dire need of equipment and payroll money, thanks to Lieberman and other neocons just like him. Take care of Connecticut, Senator. Does Joe remember?

Prissy to Joe: Please Joe, don't continue on this course-telling everyone you are an Independent. Switch parties, you know you want to.

Hot Links

Jerusalum Post Report: US sailor spied for Israel

According to the navy, Weinmann was apprehended on March 26 "after it was learned that he had been listed as a deserter by his command." Though initial information released by the navy makes no mention of it, Al-Watan reported that he was returning from an undisclosed "foreign country." American sources close to the Defense Department told Al-Watan that Israel was the country in question.

Mad Cow Productions Maybe somebody left it on the plane?

Alert readers will recall that during the same month, July of 2000, that Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi arrived to attend his flight school, Hilliard's Lear jet was surrounded by DEA agents on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport.

They found 43 pounds of heroin onboard.

Argyll Equities is currently involved in a still-unexplained imbroglio which may shed some light on this milieu which seems to attract such large quantities of narcotics�

According to a federal indictment, the lucky company was the recipient of $9.7 million dollars it didn't earn, in a purported stock loan program operated by Argyll Equities, L.L.C, which resulted in criminal charges earlier this year against three men.

The complaint alleges the men made false statements to a hedge fund operator so they could keep $25 million from the fund that was invested this year with Nevada-based American Trade Industries, Inc., according to US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Secret Service in Chicago, the AP reported.

WP flashback November 21, 2005 regarding above U.S. Arrests Three In Hedge Fund Case

Cowles was arrested at his Scottsville horse farm last week and released on $1 million bail, said Randall Samborn, a spokesman for Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the U.S. attorney in Chicago. Cowles made his first appearance in U.S. District Court in Chicago on Thursday.

The complaint alleges that the hedge fund manager flew to Washington to meet with Warren and Cowles on Oct. 21. In later phone conversations that the hedge fund manager tape-recorded for the Secret Service, Cowles allegedly described how the hedge fund manager's money was tied up in foreign bank accounts and said that the "Fed administrator" was tying up the funds. The hedge fund manager's last phone conversation with Cowles was on Nov. 10, the complaint said, when Cowles said the fund manager would have to pay Myatt an additional $500,000 for the "Fed administrator" to return the funds.

Warren was arrested Nov. 12 at Dulles International Airport, holding a ticket for a flight to London, Samborn said. He was scheduled to appear at a detention hearing Friday. Myatt was arrested at his California home Nov. 12 and was released on $300,000 bond, Samborn said.

Fitz, you scare Prissy with all this danger lurking about. Please be sure to read all the tips listed in the newest Batbook ;-)

Huffington Post- very funny Joe & Dub's Fabulous Wedding

BBC Shock loss shows US anti-war mood

Washington insiders from both parties have long been muttering that George W Bush's Republican party is going to lose ground in elections in November.

The only question, they say, is how much ground. Enough to lose control of one or both houses of Congress?

They may have had the beginnings of an answer on Tuesday night, but the scalp that was claimed was not Republican - it was Democrat Joe Lieberman.

His support for the Iraq war was a major factor in his loss, experts say.

The only shocking thing here is that the voting machines worked...

Washington Post House Incumbents at Risk, Poll Finds

Eighty-one percent of Democrats say the war was not worth fighting, and 70 percent feel that way "strongly." A majority of Democrats, 54 percent, say a candidate endorsing Bush's Iraq policy would be less likely to get their vote, compared with 37 percent for whom it would not make much difference. Two in three Democrats say it is time to begin decreasing troop levels in Iraq, although only one in four supports immediate withdrawal.

Especially worrisome for members of Congress is that the proportion of Americans who approve of their own representative's performance has fallen sharply. Traditionally, voters may express disapproval of Congress as a whole but still vote for their own member, even from the majority party. But 55 percent now approve of their lawmaker, a seven-percentage-point drop over three months and the lowest such finding since 1994, the last time control of the House switched parties.

"That's dramatic," said Republican consultant Ed Rollins, who was White House political director under President Ronald Reagan.

Read Prissy's lips...It's the war, stupids!

The Sydney Morning Herald Maliki's anger exposes growing rift with US and Iraqi military

Mr Maliki, a Shiite, said he was "very angered and pained" by the operation, warning that it could undermine his efforts towards national reconciliation.

"Reconciliation cannot go hand in hand with operations that violate the rights of citizens this way," Mr Maliki said."This operation used weapons that are unreasonable to detain someone - like using planes."

He apologised to the Iraqi people for the operation and said "this won't happen again".

The President, Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, also met the top US commander in Iraq, George Casey, to discuss security. "It is in no one's interest to have a confrontation" with Mr Sadr's movement, Mr Talabani was said to have told General Casey.

Conyers house judiciary democrats release "Constitution in Crisis" in pdf. Please distribute, as the corporate owned media has failed in its civic duties yet again...

Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, today released his long-awaited “Constitution in Crisis” report. The 350-page Conyers report -- supported by more than 1,400 footnotes -- compiles the accumulated evidence of Bush Administration misconduct associated with the run-up to the Iraq war, torture and other abuses, the outing of Valerie Plame and retaliation against Administration critics, and unlawful domestic surveillance. Conyers stated:

"The situation we find ourselves in today under the administration of George W. Bush is systemically worse than previous scandals such as Watergate and Iran-Contra. The alleged acts of wrongdoing my staff has documented -- which include making misleading statements about the decision to go to war; manipulating intelligence; facilitating and countenancing torture; using classified information to out a CIA agent; and violating federal surveillance and privacy laws -- are quite serious.

"It is tragic that our Nation has invaded another sovereign nation because 'the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy' (in the infamous words of the Downing Street Minutes) and that millions of innocent Americans have been subject to government surveillance outside of proper legal process.

WaPoWar Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution

The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

Officials say the amendments would alter a U.S. law passed in the mid-1990s that criminalized violations of the Geneva Conventions, a set of international treaties governing military conduct in wartime. The conventions generally bar the cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment of wartime prisoners without spelling out what all those terms mean.

USA Today Lieberman: 'I'm going forward'

Hours after a Democratic primary defeat, Sen. Joe Lieberman filed petitions Wednesday morning to run as an independent in the general election. Senate party leaders in Washington quickly endorsed the anti-war businessman who beat the three-term senator.

In a blow to Lieberman's pursuit of an independent candidacy, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., head of the party's Senate campaign committee, issued a joint statement backing Democratic primary winner Ned Lamont.

Monsters and Critics Analysis: DOD in cash crunch

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- The Senate has completed work on the 2007 defense appropriations bill, putting $404 billion into the Pentagon budget-- $9 billion less than the White House asked for -- and $63 billion into a bridge fund to cover the costs of the wars until the Bush administration asks for a supplemental, expected next February.

That bridge fund will drive the cost of the wars and Operation Noble Eagle - the homeland defense military mission - to nearly $500 billion since 2001, according to estimates by three congressional research offices.

And the cost does not end there. The Marine Corps has told Congress it needs at least $12 billion to reset its forces to full readiness. The Army needs $17 billion. The National Guard needs $23 billion. And those costs will continue to mount as the wars grind on.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld suggested Wednesday that the Pentagon is not prepared to tighten its belt to help cover the bills. Don`t look to the Defense Department to rein in the growing national budget deficit.

FARS News Agency Badawi Writes to Bush

Badawi underlined that despite a universal consensus about the necessity of an immediate ceasefire, the United States and England have kept resistant against the establishment of a truce and have, thus, empowered Israel to go on with its crimes and atrocities against the Lebanese and Palestinians.

And...The Malaysian Premier expressed regret over the United States' lack of support for regional peace and expressed hope that Americans could revise their attitude and act as a proper intermediary so that tensions are soothed in the region.

He also informed reporters of his administration's concession for the dispatch of troops to Lebanon, saying that Malaysian forces will act as peace-keeping troops in the region and that they won't enter the existing conflicts.

Charles Swift, lawyer for Hamdan at Guantanamo, on Hardball. Like Fitz and his staff, this JAG is high speed indeed. Worth another look, in light of how Dubya and his rubber stamp congress are attempting to go around well established rule of law -see UTube-video removed-slows Prissy down too much for dial up

ABC 4 Iraqis Arrested in Carroll Kidnapping

U.S. troops have arrested four Iraqi men in the kidnapping of American journalist Jill Carroll, who was freed in March after 82 days in captivity, a U.S. spokesman said Wednesday.

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said the four, who were not identified, were arrested in Anbar province west of Baghdad but he did not say when. Another U.S. official, Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, said the arrests were made about a month ago.

Caldwell said Carroll, who works for the Christian Science Monitor, was held at three locations, including one about seven miles west of Fallujah before she was freed March 30.

Truthout BP's Neglect of North Slope Pipeline Led to Disaster By Jason Leopold

Alaskan state officials said that as much as 260,000 gallons of crude oil leaking out of a pipeline in an oil field jointly owned by Exxon Mobil, BP, and ConocoPhillips blanketed two acres of frozen tundra near Prudhoe Bay - just a short distance from where President Bush has proposed opening up ANWR to drilling.

The oil spill in March went undetected for about five days before a BP oilfield worker noticed the scent of hydrocarbons while driving through the area, which led him to believe there was a spill from one of the facilities.

That spill was blamed on a corroded transit pipeline, according to BP officials.

BP has long been criticized for poorly managing the North Slope's aging pipelines, safety valves and other critical components of its oil production infrastructure. The company has in the past made minor improvements to its valves and fire detection systems and hired additional employees, but has neglected to maintain a level of safety at its facilities on the North Slope.

WTOL Ohio Voting Machine Problems Surface in Ohio Aug 8,2006

Vu says he was told of the problem with the seals around noon Monday, but the cause was not immediately known.

The seven machines were replaced as a precaution, as were the touch-screen machines' memory cards.

The Guardian Phone tap investigation widens

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said he could not confirm whether celebrities and cabinet ministers were involved in the police investigation, but said many famous people telephoned the royal household.

"A lot of people ring the royal household, royal staff and members of the royal family. Those numbers are used by a lot of people," he said.

Quotes of the Day

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.--Alan Kay

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Believe one who has proved it. Believe an expert.-- Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC), Aeneid

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