Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Operation House Call...Live From Washington, D.C.

(Click any photo to enlarge) Operation House Call-a mission of Military Families Speak Out

Another dog day in D.C. We have had a number of people stop by, honoring us with their support. It has been much appreciated and progress is being made. The exhibit, along with visits to Congress and the Senate is forcing them to face accountibility for what they have supported.

Not posting links tonight-Prissy is too pooped! Back to regular blogging next week-if WWIII hasn't happened yet. You have heard about Israel claiming Lebanon has made an act of war against them. Prissy wonders how long until those previously oppressed will continue to oppress others...much more on that "untouchable" topic later...

Gold Star mother Summer Lipford. Summer lost her 20 year-old son in Iraq.

Sign telling folks who visited the exhibit

There were more-we just didn't know all of their names! Congressman Dennis Kuchinich's wife stopped by to let us know they certainly supported our efforts. Dennis is a one of the good guys!

MFSO members will continue meeting with Senators and representatives through August 4th-then, when they go home-we'll continue bugging them there.

"Mean Jean" Schmidt, the one who cheated Paul Hackett out of a seat in the House- called the cops over to "save her" when one military mom stopped to question the nasty ole meanie about the war! Hmm...feeling the guilt, Mean Jean?

Paul Hackett decided to endorse Sherrod Brown for Senator today. Sherrod is running against Mike DeWine. DeWine loves Dubya so much he is willing to throw away his career for him. Some people are just too dumb to save themselves. Thankfully,so many of them, like DeWine are career politicians...

PS Prissy's own congressman, Pat Tiberi pretends not to see her in front of the exhibit. Prissy went to Pat's victory bash a couple of years how times change.

Questions, comments about Operation House Call?

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