Friday, April 28, 2006

How America Got Her Groove Back, Page One

You knew he did it. The cabal finally knows that we know too. Prissy is very sorry for the mistake.

This note talks about Rove's testimony-fill in the blanks Hat tip to Fitz and staff!

The number 250 in the note are thought to be emails from Dick and Dubya keeping tabs with Rove and others to see how the "Smear and/or Fear" campaigns that they are known for. In this case, when Joe Wilson wrote an OpEd piece for the NY Times refuting many of the justifications for the war on Iraq-the Bushies declared war on him and thus his long-time, CIA employed wife.

If 12 of the 23 jurors agree that Rove should be indicted, Fitz will hold a press conference Monday, unless the jury needs to deliberate longer.

There is so much spin in the mainstream media-but you can just about disregard everything they say that comes from the White House or other cabal members. Pure spin.

Prissy isn't sure she is buying the "wait 10 days for decision" statement Rove's $500+ an hour lawyer is claiming, either. When reminded he wasn't the president...Rove and Limbaugh are pink people. Normally, Prissy thinks pink is a fine color.

Prissy will go out on a limb here and say that the jury has had to have seen enough of Rove to indict. Look for others soon. Prissy still places her bet on Rove/Hadley/Card coming soon...

Make no mistake about it, Dearest Readers. Freedom is on the march in America (Iraq is another story) Justice will prevail.

In fact, Roves paperwork will look a lot like this-Libby's indictment. 22 pages of very interesting reading. Should you require extra assurance the USS America will change course,please read Scooter's indictment. You'll laugh, you'll cry...and Scooters lawyer had the nerve to ask for a dismissal. The judge said no the indictment and say "no wonder".

Dubya might think because he said he is the "decider", that he will decide this as well. It will hardly be the first time he has been wrong...

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UPDATE: The US Army War college latest green book blasts the pre-emptive war strategy. More on that later.

Truthout Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove By Jason Leopold

In the event that an indictment is handed up by the grand jury it would be filed under seal. A press release would then be issued by Fitzgerald's press office indicating that the special prosecutor will hold a news conference, likely on a Friday afternoon, sources close to the case said. The media would be given more than 24 hours notice of a press conference, sources added.

Luskin was at his office when called for comment but his assistant said he would not take the call or comment on this story.

In recent weeks, sources close to the case said, Fitzgerald's staff has met with Rove's legal team several times to discuss a change in Rove's status in the case - from subject to target - based on numerous inconsistencies in Rove's testimony, whether he discussed Plame Wilson with reporters before her name and CIA status were published in newspaper reports, and whether he participated in a smear campaign against her husband.

The meetings between Luskin and Fitzgerald which took place on several occasions a few weeks ago were called to discuss a timeframe to schedule a return to the grand jury by Rove to testify about, among other things, 250 pages of emails that resurfaced February 6 from Vice President Dick Cheney's office and the Office of President Bush in which Rove wrote to former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card about strategizing an attack against Wilson, sources familiar with the case said.

New Neil Young album streaming from the internet. It's good, Prissy is a new fan. Rust Never Sleeps didn't do much for Prissy-but this one sure does...Living With War

Pink people like this might be endearing if they were not unbelievably mean

NY Times Rush Limbaugh Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 29 (AP) Rush Limbaugh was arrested today on prescription drug charges, with his lawyer saying he has reached a deal with prosecutors that will eventually see the charges dismissed if he continues treatment for drug addiction.

The subject of a three-year investigation by prosecutors, Mr. Limbaugh turned himself in to authorities on a warrant charging him with fraud to conceal information to obtain prescriptions, said Teri Barbera, a spokeswoman for the Palm Beach County Jail.

The 55-year-old conservative radio commentator came into the jail about 4 p.m. with his lawyer, Roy Black, and left an hour later after he was photographed and fingerprinted and he posted $3,000 bail, Ms. Barbera said.

"He just kind of came in and he left," Ms. Barbera said.

Daily News Funds-starved Abramoff and family spotted at costly resort

WASHINGTON - Jack Abramoff might be facing financial ruin and a long prison sentence, but he still knows how to vacation.

Guests at the oceanfront Turnberry Isle Resort and Country Club in Aventura, Fla., say they were surprised to see Abramoff, his wife and their five children at the 300-acre resort for more than a week for the Passover holiday.

The Abramoffs arranged the trip through a Brooklyn-based travel agency that, according to its Web site, charged a minimum of $3,600 per adult for a nine-night Passover package.

The Guardian Musharraf insists: I'm not George Bush's poodle (Uh, sure- neither is Tony Blair)

Pervez Musharraf seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999 when he was head of the country's armed forces, forcing the country's elected prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, into exile in Saudi Arabia. Initial international condemnation faded after September 2001, when Gen Musharraf dropped his support for the Taliban and threw his weight behind the US-led "war on terror".

He has since become a key ally in the west's hunt for al-Qaida extremists but his popularity has plummeted due to widespread anti-American sentiment. In December 2003 he survived two al-Qaida assassination attempts in two weeks. Gen Musharraf attempted to legitimise his rule through elections in 2002 that observers described as deeply flawed. A self-described liberal, he has introduced some social reforms but also allied himself with hardline religious parties when necessary. Last year he advanced the peace process with India through "cricket diplomacy".

The Hill House will debate Iraq

"If the Committee on International Relations produces a resolution that calls for a debate, I will schedule it for the House floor," Boehner (OH-R) replied.

But the majority leader, rather than the International Relations Committee, now is the impetus behind the plan to hold a full debate on Iraq.

A Republican member of the panel said that it has been charged with producing a resolution to stimulate debate. And Sam Stratman, the committee's spokesman, said yesterday that he had not heard anything about crafting a resolution on the Iraq war.

"This is very strange. I haven't heard anything about it," he said.

This debate is long overdue. They don't support our soldiers, they only support this war. Congress is feeling the heat from constituents and they know they better pretend to do something.

They should be afraid-malfeasance and negligence are serious issues...

Yahoo Nuclear Agency: Iran in Defiance of U.N.

"On Iran, there was unanimity," Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos told reporters. "Although the clear message to the Iranian authorities is one of firmness, we have to continue with the diplomatic path."

Rice said it was time for the Security Council to act if the world body wished to remain credible.

"The Security Council is the primary and most important institution for the maintenance of peace and stability and security and it cannot have its word and its will simply ignored by a member state," Rice said.

Iran's U.N. ambassador, Javad Zarif, said Thursday that Tehran will refuse to comply even if the council request is turned into a demand through a resolution because its activities are legal and peaceful. Enrichment can be used to generate fuel or make the fissile core of nuclear weapons.

"If the Security Council decides to take decisions that are not within its competence, then Iran does not feel obliged to obey," he said in New York.

Hey Condi, what about those66 UN resolutions passed against Israeli? Why is no one mentioning that? After all, Dubya said we will use American military soldiers to defend Israel from Iran.

Washington Report on the Middle East Total Direct Aid to Israel Conservatively Estimated at Almost $105 Billion

The of the 109th Congress seems a good time to update the estimate of total U.S. direct aid to Israel as last presented in the May 2003 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA). It is important to emphasize that this analysis will attempt to give a conservative, defensible accounting of U.S. direct aid to Israel not of Israel'’s cost to the U.S. or to the American taxpayer, nor of the benefit to Israel of U.S. aid.

The distinction is important, because the indirect or consequential costs suffered by the U.S. as a result of its blind support for Israel exceed by many times the substantial amount of direct aid to Israel. Some of these "indirect or consequential"” costs would include the costs to U.S. manufacturers of the Arab boycott, the costs to U.S. companies and consumers of the Arab oil embargo and consequent soaring oil prices as a result of U.S. support for Israel in the 1973 war, and the costs of U.S. unilateral economic sanctions on Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Furthermore, this computation does not include the costs of the invasion and occupation of Iraq hundreds of billions of dollars, more than 1,700 U.S. and allied fatalities and untold tens of thousands of Iraqi fatalities —which is widely believed in Washington and almost universally believed in the Arab world to have been undertaken for the benefit of Israel.

"Just say no" to attacking Iran...

SF Gate Five members of Congress arrested over Sudan protest

"We have been calling on the civilized world to stand up and to say, 'Enough,' " Lantos said. "The slaughter of the people of Darfur must end."

Lantos' arrest comes as a diverse coalition of human rights activists is planning to stage major Sudan-related rallies Sunday in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and other cities here and overseas. In recent months, the deteriorating situation in Sudan has become a dilemma for the Bush administration, which formally declared the killings in Sudan genocide in September 2004. Now, activists are trying to push pressure on the White House.

Great they will stand against other atrocities, but yet not for Americans needlessly losing their lives in Iraq.

USA Today Economy rebounds with 4.8% annual growth rate in Q1; inflation weakens (No way this is happening in Ohio)

"The economy is off to a strong start in 2006 and has fully rebounded from the fourth quarter's setback," said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group.

The first quarter's performance , the best showing since the third quarter of 2003 was close to economists' expectations. Before the report was released, private analysts were forecasting the economy to clock in at a 4.9% growth rate.

Even with the economy zipping ahead in the first quarter, inflation moderated.

An inflation gauge closely watched by the Federal Reserve showed that core prices - excluding food and energy -rose by 2%, down from 2.4% in the fourth quarter.

That's the corporate media spin in bold. So as long as you don't need food, gasoline or heating fuel- you should note the economy is "rebounding".

Media Bloggers Assoc MBA Member Hit With Multi-Million Dollar Federal Lawsuit

MBA Member Lance Dutson who blogs at Maine Web Report was recently served with a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Maine. The lawsuit alleges copyright infringement and defamation for reporting and commentary written and published by Dutson on his blog.

"This case is nothing more than an attempt by a deep-pocketed litigant to bully a blogger for criticizing state officials and state contractors"", said MBA President Robert Cox. "We have successfully defended MBA members in nine previous cases and I don't expect the outcome here to be be any different."

Dutson went public this morning with news of the lawsuit and provided key links here including his account of the events leading up to the lawsuit and the complaint served on Dutson by the local sheriff at his home in Maine. Dutson has vowed to fight.

"The idea that criticism of the state government can be defamatory is absurd", said Dutson, "This attempt to bludgeon critics of the state government is not going to work."

Still trying to shred the First Amendment...

SOI Strategic Outlook Institute

China Daily Health official denies bird flu cover-up

The Asian edition of the U.S-based Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported doubted China's bird flu data. The report said some officials might be concealing suspected cases and the death toll in China is higher than the official tally of 12.

"We must clarify that China has not been concealing any confirmed or suspected human case of bird flu since the first case occurred in November of last year," Mao noted.

China has reported 18 human infections of bird flu, including 12 fatalities. The latest case was an eight-year pupil in southwest China's Sichuan Province who is being treated in a local hospital. News of her illness was revealed yesterday, the day it was confirmed by authorities, which was 11 days after she contracted the disease.

The World Health Organization has recorded 205 human cases of bird flu involving 113 deaths by April 27. Experts have warned the virus could mutate into a form that could pass between people and cause a pandemic.

Wired Service Judge exempts Padilla lawyers from rule

The U.S. Justice Department had wanted them to sign another "memorandum of understanding" spelling out in greater detail what they can and cannot do with the secret evidence. It would have required lawyers to agree to never reveal anything classified and to shred copies of classified evidence, among other restrictions.

But U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke agreed with defense attorneys who said the proposed agreement was heavy-handed and unnecessary.

"There is no legal basis for it," said Anthony Natale, an assistant federal public defender who is part of Padilla's defense team. "We view it as an insult to us and an insult to our integrity."

Quote of the Day

They admit it! They are worthless!

"Having an open discussion on the House floor is unproductive," said Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind.), an officer in the Army Reserve and chairman of the Veterans' Affairs Committee. "The House floor is reserved for productivity."

For Steve Buyer and the rest, who are more concerned about career than our soldiers...may they all endure nightmares for what they have allowed to happen...

"Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless and corrupt." --Mahatma Gandhi

The less their ability, the more their conceit.-- Ahad HaAm

Martyrdom... is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability. --George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.--Margaret Thatcher (1925 - )

Thank you to Allison, a journalism student Prissy met at a Winter Soldier movie showing, for this timely quote. Prissy is pleased our youth are so aware. Shame on Dubya for trying to ruin their futures and allowing his buddies to do the same.

As Pink said in her song, "What kind of father...

"Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell." --Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, New York Times, Co. v. United States, 1971, RE: The Pentagon Papers