Sunday, March 19, 2006

Columbus Protests Third Anniversary of the War That Should Have Never Been

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Protest at the Ohio Statehouse. The Statehouse is located in downtown Columbus. These folks are with World Can't Wait.
Lady on Statehouse steps.
Proof the media was there. There is no proof they had film in the camera, judging by the 1 second blip shown on local news by the so-called liberal media.
Ohio Statehouse protestors
Ohio Statehouse
More middle America radicals
Ohio Statehouse steps
A self-identified former political inactivist...
View from the Ohio Statehouse steps, there were about 500 more still marching.
Either a "spy" (he was taking photos) or someone-perhaps due to their job, who isn't supposed to take a political position. Call her paranoid, but a white guy in Arab garb tends to make Prissy suspicious...especially after hearing about "Protest Warriors for W" ...
This t-shirt was a big winner from the World Can't Wait folks. In fact, this was a picture of the last one! Please note: The orgs were not selling at the Statehouse-it was donations only! Correction by Prissy.
That's Duh-b-ya These two are typical, of the radicals against this war...
Feeling watched in Dubya's Amerikkka? Not to worry, soon we shall return it to America-home of the free.
Military Families Speak Out Dayton-the MFSO Central Ohio Chapter was there too. The Central Ohio chapter has "Bring them home now" t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers-donations were brisk and generous! MFSO corrects Prissy- Donations only! You can buy one from them online at Military Families Speak Out
Just another radical from middle America.

Hey neorepublicans, you've lost middle America and the young kids are mad as hell about what is being done to their future. Dearest Readers, groups expected 1,000 we got closer to 2,000- according to the police Prissy asked.

Thanks to corporate owned media, most central Ohioans knew very little or nothing about this protest. On the few occasions the media does act, they always like to show ten hippies (no offense to hippies, we are thankful for their protest experience) as opposed to a hundred everyday John and Jane Q. Publics. There were NO counter protestors-not ones willing to identify themselves, anyway.

Dubya's "Protest Warriors" aren't very brave. Last year, two of them dressed as Arabs ran quickly through the crowd-once, holding signs that said "Terrorists for Kerry." Obviously, they don't read CIA terror assessments...

Note to politicians: The freaks, geeks, old, young ,poor and well off - we all stand together as Americans. We will continue to tell you we tire of paying for your war with our soldiers and our money-until you tire of hearing it. You must be reminded you work for us, we don't work for you.

And the elected representatives of the people who continue to support this malfeasant behavior? Did you really need that law license? (We know most of you have one)

Oh Prissy won't be taking it from you, however, be warned there are those who plan to do just that. And it sure sounds like they have an excellent legal argument- but only the misleader themselves, know for sure...

A side note: One cop, getting his picture taken by a photographer told us "I would give you a peace sign-but my God, it would make the paper and I'd be in trouble for sure..." An older cop was asked by a younger cop "Was it like this in the 60's during Vietnam?" He looked out at the mostly middle America crowd and then at Prissy and said, "Yeah, but not until it was almost over."

Thank you to What Really Happened for linking The Prissy Patriot today and helping us get these pictures around the net. Most Ohioans want our troops home.

We keep hearing about the New York Guard soldier- claiming to the media how wonderful the construction efforts are going in Iraq. He really should have spoken with the angry young soldiers participating(one on a two-week leave from Iraq) in the Columbus protest. They love their country and they don't appreciate being misused. Prissy thinks "Dubya's boy soldier" wouldn't have dared told them how wonderful things are in Iraq...

Readers, the next protest theme of the "Bring Them Home now" camp will be "A Formal Request to End the War". Think women in evening gowns and men in tuxes and suits. Military men, please wear your dress uniform. July 1, 2006. Create an event in your community. Check this site for further updates...

The Prissy Patriot will return Wednesday.