Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just Say No to Fascism

UPDATE: Prissy Patriot and friends will be taped WED for The Daily Show. Not sure when it will air, but will post when Prissy knows! It should be fun. Unfortunately, Betty had to go out of town and won't be able to participate this time.

Prissy and Betty would like to tell Brian from Buttonocracy thank you for the "Liars for Bush/Cheney buttons! We will wear them with pride. PrissyBalls are on the way for Brian to give to his politicians there in California. Brians newest button!

Dearest Readers, Prissy will be updating into the evening. Prissy has too many things going on this week! Look for Prissy Patriot on The Daily Show this week- as an interviewee in Columbus. Not sure what day the show will air, but it will be the one with Paul Hackett. We will tape tomorrow. Betty may be there too! Watch for us, if we don't get bumped!

Hot Links

Another suspicious story from Gonzales...3 charged with planning attacks on troops in Iraq

Amawi was charged with downloading a video, "Martyrdom Operation Vest Preparation," on how to make a suicide bomb vest. The indictment said the men used code words to communicate with co-conspirators in the Middle East. It said they tried to find and provide various resources and materials requested by the co-conspirators for use in fighting against the U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq and elsewhere. The resources included money, training, explosives, communications equipment, computers or personnel.

U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review So what happens if you have already read them? How do you declassify them in your mind? Here in Ohio we say "That is like shutting the barn door, after the horse escapes."

About the hearing on California's Voting System and Federal Test and Certification Process Black Box Voting

Why the President's Defense of Executive Power to Wiretap Without Warrants Can't Succeed in the Strict Constructionist Court He Wants On Find Law

Bush faces pressure to block port deal On CNN. This one really takes the cake. Allowing a country which is a cynical ally at best, with OUR nations port security. The GOP just knows no bounds for the destruction of their country.

Quotes of the Day

Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. -Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965), Hansard, November 11, 1947

If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost. Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), Politics

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde

One more reason to call an end to the war upon Iraq...Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.- Mark Twain

Today's Funny Cartoon: Christopher Walken interviews Bush the Mime" With special guest star Samuel Jackson (Warning: It's funny, but has a lot of bad language)